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How to control the condensing pressure to improve the operation of cold water machine

From the industrial ice machine adjustment, control is the basic idea of condensing pressure, through the water chiller condenser is internal part industrial ice machine effusion, occupy part of effective heat transfer area, reduce the heat removal ability, to keep the condensing pressure at a high level, keep cold water machine operation.

this is a cheap and effective adjustment method, with the joint action of high pressure regulating valve and differential pressure regulator to ensure there is enough in the operation of the plant high condensing pressure.

high pressure control valve installed on the export of condenser tube fluid, differential pressure control valve installed in high pressure exhaust to the side channel between the accumulator. Using high pressure regulating valve and differential pressure regulating valve with the action to adjust, high pressure regulating valve is controlled by the valve pressure before the proportion of regulating valve. Its opening and the condensing pressure relative to the opening pressure is proportional to the deviation, below the set value when the valve is closed, reach setting valve began to open, normal valve fully open, differential pressure regulating valve is the valve before the proportion of pressure difference control valve, pressure difference method during large. Poor small differential pressure valve opening is smaller, set down to open the valve differential pressure when the valve is seated. And the degree of throttle differential pressure depends on the size of the high pressure valve, throttle, the more the greater the differential pressure.

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