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How to choose the cryogenic vacuum freeze dryer

How to choose the air cryogenic vacuum freeze drier

when choosing drying equipment, especially the choice of cryogenic vacuum freeze drying machine, the customer need we need to consider is the dew point temperature, the first thing to do, to decide to choose which kind of dryer accordingly. When the dew point temperature requirements under 0 ℃, it is recommended that you choose blot machine, etc. , when the dew point temperature of compressed air requirements above 0 ℃, the cryogenic vacuum freezing dryer is the best choice.

when decide to use a dryer, using a timeout to consider dew point temperature, inlet temperature, maximum flow and highest working pressure of the four main technical parameters. Because the maximum load of compressed air is determined by the four parameters, it is the basis for the choice of cryogenic vacuum freezing dryer. After the above parameters, we need to determine the recommended water-cooled or air-cooled cryogenic vacuum freeze dryer.

water-cooled cryogenic vacuum freezing dryer is not sensitive to the environment temperature, but its claim to the cooling water is higher, but the installation of water-cooled air-cooled complex; Compared with water-cooled cryogenic vacuum freeze drier, air-cooled cryogenic vacuum freezing dryer on the environment the demand is higher, but the easy installation, simple to use. Under normal circumstances, in order to improve the quality of the cryogenic vacuum freeze drier stability, production factory will be combined with user requirements and related standards and climate factors such as the cryogenic vacuum freezing dryer for standardization. In practice, of course, manufacturers to provide the parameters of the may not be the same as marked on product manual, then the factory may need to correct the parameters according to actual demand, to decide on what type of cryogenic vacuum freeze-drying machine.

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