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How to choose the brand of ice machine?

There are many ice machine brands. Generally, the ice machines of established manufacturers are basically the same in technology, there is not much difference, but different industrial ice maker manufacturers have different strengths and qualifications. According to the cooling method to choose an ice maker, generally air-cooled ice maker and water-cooled ice maker are commonly used. The air-cooled ice maker has a small footprint, no water resources, relatively low operating costs, and easy installation and use. It can be used as long as the power is turned on. Air cooling is not as effective as water cooling. Scope of application: small ice machine, or areas lacking water resources. The water-cooled ice maker needs to install a waterway and a water supply system. The initial cost is higher, and the cooling effect is better than that of air cooling. Scope of application: medium and large ice machines, air cooling is recommended for areas lacking water. Choose according to the purpose-which kind of ice machine is easy to use 1. Edible ice machine, choose pellet ice machine, tube ice machine. 2. For commercial industry, flake ice machine, ice block machine, tube industrial ice maker.
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