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How to choose supermarket ice machine

In the process of purchasing a supermarket ice machine, you should consider it from a professional and objective perspective. First, you should understand the purpose and purpose of buying and using the supermarket ice machine, so that you can make a basis for your choice. Therefore, it is necessary to master the methods to be able to buy the right products. The method of choosing a supermarket ice machine is as follows: 1. The demand for ice is usually about 120-150 kg of ice per day for a counter, and then use the number of counters X the amount of ice used in a day, and you probably know how much ice you need to choose. Ice maker. In fact, what is the demand for ice can basically be calculated from the practice of using it for a day, so for experienced people, you can estimate the amount you need and make purchases based on this. Generally, small supermarkets will choose flake ice machines with a daily output of 300 kg to 500 kg. 2. Understanding of the ice output of the ice maker. Introduction of the ice maker manufacturer. When considering the amount of ice made, the comprehensive factors must be taken into account. You can't blindly choose the value based on the ideal value, because During daily use, the surrounding environment and climate will affect the flake cbfi ice machine. If the temperature is too high, the ice production output may not reach the output specified by the manufacturer. Ice maker manufacturers emphasize that the product volume of general equipment should be less than the ideal value marked, because high temperature will have a great impact on ice making especially in the process of using ice in summer, so it should be required when buying Choose a machine of one size larger in order to be able to make enough ice cubes for use. Third, choose a reliable flake ice machine brand or ice maker manufacturer. In the process of purchasing a supermarket flake ice machine, Bingquan refrigerator manufacturers recommend choosing a brand recognized by the public. The quality and after-sales aspects can basically be guaranteed. Therefore, you should know about the ice machine manufacturers in advance, the top ten brands of flake ice machines. The above are several aspects that should be paid attention to when choosing a supermarket ice machine. In addition, you should also understand the types of ice machines. Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into tube ice machines, block ice machines, flake ice machines, plate ice machines, etc., and according to different functions, it can also be divided into edible ice machines and industrial ice machines. Therefore, as a buyer, you must Only by understanding the requirements of your own use can you make correct judgments.
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