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How to choose suits own a cryogenic refrigerator

Sometimes the choice is much, trouble will come, what to buy what kind of cryogenic refrigerator is good, how can buy gratified flexibly, suitable ultra-low temperature freezer?
catch fresh
ultra-low temperature freezer although already not pure & other; Food & cooler throughout; Core functionality, however, is still fresh. Like to keep fresh tuna, which requires cryogenic refrigerator inside with constant temperature strong & other Frozen force & throughout; Is dye-in-the-wood.

see energy consumption cryogenic refrigerator but complete & other; Electricity eating tigers & throughout; The power consumption, it occupies a large part of monthly electricity consumption. Therefore, choose a energy-saving ultra-low temperature freezer of small power consumption, is wise to save money.
but, don't to think & other; Throughout the province, the better &; And is only able to frozen force and power consumption in combination with the real & other; Province & throughout; 。

choose volume of cryogenic refrigerator volume, there are many on the market of small, don't listen to other people say to buy a large of it, has made a decision on the temerity to, suits own is the best.
in recent years, each big brand launched large volume industrial ultra-low temperature freezer, for many enterprises, fresh electricity is applicable.
although large capacity ultra-low temperature freezer will give full face, but the occupied space, great power consumption, etc. , will bring you a lot of trouble back at home. While a small ultra-low temperature freezer, less cost.
in addition, the lowest refrigeration temperature, volume, size, shape, Horizontal or vertical) , and the size of the compressor noise, vibration amplitude, the uniformity of temperature in the cabinet, the failure rate ( Especially the compressor) And optional accessories category, such as combining the need for their own use and laboratory space configuration, and so on and so forth comprehensive consideration. Look more, ask more, much more, when buying in based on actual demand for their purchase decision, buy gratified flexibly ultra-low temperature freezer is not difficult.

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