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How to choose? Split ice maker or all-in-one ice maker?

Ningbo Bingquan Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. teaches you how to choose an ice machine that matches your needs. If the capacity of the purchased ice machine is too small, it means that you need to purchase an additional one in the future; if the capacity is too large, it means excessive water and electricity consumption. From the appearance point of view, there are two main styles of commercial ice machines: integrated and split.


As the name implies, the integrated ice maker, also known as the 'under-counter ice makerThis type of ice maker is simple to install and operate, and it can be used when plugged in and connected to water. The integrated ice machine is generally used in small restaurants with a small passenger flow. The 24-hour rated output of commercial under-counter ice machines is generally between 25 kg and 140 kg.

Advantages of the integrated under-counter ice maker: compact structure and can be installed and used in a narrow space
Disadvantages of integrated under-counter ice maker: limited output and limited capacity of ice storage bucket


The split ice maker is composed of two parts: the machine head, which is the 'ice making system
The output of the split cbfi ice machine is diverse, with a 24-hour rated output ranging from 150 kg to 900 kg. The size of the ice storage bucket can be determined according to the usage, ranging from 100 kg to 500 kg. Since the ice storage bucket has short-term insulation capabilities, you need to choose an ice storage bucket with a suitable capacity based on the estimated amount of ice used.

Advantages of split cbfi ice machine: The ice bucket can be replaced, and the output is large, which can meet the demand for large ice consumption. It can be used with an ice vending machine.

Disadvantages of the split ice maker: Compared with the integrated ice maker, the split ice maker requires more installation space and higher energy consumption, and may require additional power lines.

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