How to choose Bitzer and Hanbell screw compressors

by:CBFI     2022-03-10

Which is better, Bitzer or Hanbell screw compressor? Both are very good, and BITZER is better known, and the price is slightly more expensive. Hanbell compressors are well-known, cheap, cost-effective, stable, and the noise is slightly larger than that of BITZER screw compressors. How to choose Bitzer and Hanbell screw compressors? If the budget is not enough, choose Hanzhong. On the contrary, Bitzer, the two brands of compressors are currently the best performance screw compressors, and have been tested for a long time in the market.

1. Introduction to the principle of screw compressor
The screw compressor cylinder is equipped with a pair of intermeshing spiral female and male rotors. Both rotors have several concave teeth, and the two rotate in opposite directions. The gap between the rotors and between the casing and the rotor is only 5-10 wires. The main rotor (also known as male rotor or convex rotor) is driven by an engine or electric motor (mostly driven by an electric motor), and the other rotor (also known as Female rotor or female rotor) is driven by the oil film formed by the main rotor through oil injection, or driven by the synchronous gears at the main rotor end and the concave rotor end. So there is no metal contact in the drive (in theory). The length and diameter of the rotor determine the compressor displacement (flow) and discharge pressure. The longer the rotor, the higher the pressure; the larger the rotor diameter, the greater the flow.
The groove of the spiral rotor is filled with gas when passing through the suction port. When the rotor rotates, the rotor groove is closed by the casing wall to form a compression chamber. When the rotor groove is closed, the lubricating oil is sprayed into the compression chamber to seal. Cooling and lubrication. When the rotor rotates and compresses the lubricant + gas (referred to as the oil-gas mixture), the volume of the compression chamber decreases, and the oil-gas mixture is compressed toward the exhaust port. When the compression chamber passes through the exhaust port, the oil and gas mixture is discharged from the compressor, completing a suction-compression-discharge process.
Each rotor of the screw machine is supported by an anti-friction bearing, and the bearing is fixed by an end cover near the end of the shaft. The intake end is supported by a roller bearing, and the exhaust end is supported by an opposed cone roller bearing, which is usually the exhaust end bearing to position the rotor, that is, a thrust bearing, which resists axial thrust and bears radial load. Provide the necessary minimum clearance for axial operation.
The working cycle can be divided into three processes: suction, compression and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of mutually meshing teeth completes the same work cycle one after another.

Two, the advantages of screw compressors
Screw compressors are the same as piston compressors and are both positive displacement compressors. In terms of the use effect, the screw air compressor has the following advantages:
1. High reliability. The screw compressor has few parts and no wearing parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life. The interval between overhauls can reach 40,000 to 80,000 hours.
2. Convenient operation and maintenance. The screw compressor has a high degree of automation, and the operator does not need to go through long professional training, and can realize unattended operation.
3. Good power balance. The screw compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work smoothly and at a high speed, and can realize no foundation operation. It is especially suitable for mobile compressors, with small volume, light weight and less floor space.
4. Strong adaptability. The screw compressor has the characteristics of forced air delivery, the volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range. It is suitable for a variety of working conditions without any changes to the compressor structure.
Compared with reciprocating heavy-duty water-cooled compressors, screw compressors have an initial investment of 30% lower per unit horsepower. Naturally, in operation, screw compressors are one of the simplest types of compressors. The use of oil injection to control the compressor discharge temperature is so effective that the compressor load is allowed to vary within a wide range.

3. Comparison of Bitzer and Hanbell screw compressors
1. BITZER is a German brand, a world-renowned brand, and has a high degree of global recognition, especially in foreign countries. BITZER has a professional production line in Beijing, mainly serving the Asia-Pacific region.
2. Hanbell was established in Taiwan, China in 1994, and currently has three Ru0026D and production plants, one in Shanghai and two in Taiwan. It has a market share of nearly 50% in the domestic screw compressor market. With its excellent performance and low price, it has also been fully recognized by foreign customers.

As far as the cbfi ice machine industry is concerned, large and medium-sized ice makers choose screw compressors. The price of Hanbell screw compressors is much cheaper than BITZER, and 2/3 of customers choose Hanbell. About 2/3 of the export equipment customers choose Bitzer screw compressors, or Bitzer piston compressors in parallel.

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