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How to choose an ice machine

1. : It is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that produces ice after water is cooled by the refrigeration system du refrigerant through an evaporator. The refrigeration system uses a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain device under power. 2. Classification of ice maker 1. Classification by ice making method: spray type: the water pump of the cbfi ice machine sprays water to the top evaporator. The ice tray of the evaporator is installed horizontally and the ice is hard. Flowing water type: Water flows through the ice tray from the upper part of the ice tray relying on the gravity of the water. The ice tray is installed vertically with high efficiency. Immersion type: The ice shape has a high freezing point, melts at a faster rate, and the mist is opaque, and it has been gradually eliminated. 2. Classified by refrigeration method: Water-cooled: no water resources, low operating cost; easy to install and use, and do not pollute the environment. Air-cooled type: The condensing temperature of the refrigeration unit is low, which improves the refrigeration efficiency; the initial investment cost is lower than that of air-cooled and evaporative cooling; the cooling effect is good. 3. What is the principle of the cbfi ice machine? Adopting a refrigeration system, using a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain device under power. 1. What shape of ice can the ice maker make? The shape of ice can be divided into cube ice, snow ice, commercial ice, flake ice, flake ice, shaved ice, cylindrical ice, mineral ice, strip ice, slab ice, block ice, ball ice, pellet ice, bullet ice, etc. 2. What is the purpose of industrial ice? The role of ice is divided into three types: one is for cooling, the other is for food, and the third is for artificial scenes for viewing. 3. What is 'dosing'? 'Dosing' refers to adding salt. Appropriate addition of salt to the water supply system of the ice maker can greatly improve the quality of the ice flakes, make it more convenient to form and cut the ice flakes, so that the noise of ice scraping is lower, and the equipment is protected and consumes less electricity.
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