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How to choose air-cooled and water-cooled snowflake ice maker

Everyone knows that high-quality snowflake ice machines not only have good cooling effect, stable product performance, and more importantly, good after-sales service. Now the domestic ice machine market has three levels of product positioning standards: high, medium and low. High-end products often As an export market, medium-sized products are used for door-to-door service, and low-end products are used for spare parts, but how to choose air-cooled and water-cooled snowflake ice machines? First of all, we must understand that the air cooler is mainly forced to enter the air to achieve the purpose of heat pipe heat dissipation. The air cooler mainly relies on water to take away the heat generated by the ice maker to achieve the effect of condensation. Air-cooled machines have slightly higher requirements for the natural environment. It is strictly forbidden to be in small or oily areas. The chiller can meet the requirements of noise reduction, does not regulate the natural environment, and produces relatively stable ice. During our normal operation of the snowflake cbfi ice machine, we need to properly rest the ice maker. The peak ice making period or the high average temperature will cause ice shortage, so we need to maintain the snowflake ice maker regularly. maintainance. Therefore, snowflake ice machines are widely used in the fields of aquatic products, food, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, vegetables and seafood. The Snowflake is the most important thing in the production of ice cubes.
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