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How to choose a strong manufacturer for the vacuum pre-cooler for bidding?

There are several things that must be taken seriously when purchasing tenders: 1. When many vegetable companies invest in production, vacuum pre-coolers are relatively expensive equipment, which requires a large proportion of investment, and companies need to personally go to vacuum pre-cooling when purchasing. Machine manufacturer inspection: 1) The advantage of this is that you can personally confirm the strength of the manufacturer. At present, there are many sellers of vacuum pre-cooling machines, and there are no production plants at all. The middlemen are engaged in the nature of making the difference, and they take the goods from other factories. OEM sold to customers. If the customer directly purchases the products of this company, the after-sales service is not guaranteed. 2) Dongguan Bingquan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. has a production plant of 20,000 square meters in Enping, which can produce equipment of different models and voltages in different countries. Such a plant is trustworthy. 3) Manager Wu of Dongguan Bingquan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.: (Phone 135-1003-4546) has been engaged in this industry for ten years. He has a deep understanding of the cooling and preservation of every kind of vegetable, and how to configure a vacuum pre-cooler Knows very well. Two: Personal inspection can determine the technical capabilities of the factory. 1: Dongguan Bingquan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. has strong research and development capabilities in the vacuum pre-cooler industry. It has obtained at least 10 patents. It has received technical support from Professor Sun Dawen of South China University of Technology and passed the Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Certification. Companies with industrial guarantees. Welcome all bosses to visit the factory: Manager Wu: (Tel 135-1003-4546) 2: The vacuum pre-cooler of Dongguan Bingquan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is the only company in China that has passed the certification of the National Quality Inspection Center, which means this company has technology. Have the ability to make a good machine.
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