How to choose a good direct cooling block ice machine?

by:CBFI     2021-08-22
The lump charcoal machine is a kind of charcoal making machine, divided into direct cooling type lump charcoal machine and salt fire type lump charcoal machine, the carbon block produced is a charcoal product with larger external dimensions. The carbon block has inferior characteristics such as large volume, low temperature, not easy to melt, easy to transport, and less retention time. There is an irreplaceable influence in the high-temperature tropics. Whether to crush and destroy the charcoal blocks in various situations according to different requests, suitable for food processing, fishery production, cooling and preservation, supermarket logistics, edible charcoal, port ports, sea fishing, etc. The direct cooling block charcoal machine adopts the principle of carbon production in which the refrigerant enters the evaporator indirectly for heat exchange. Indirectly evaporates the charcoal, and does not use an external heat transfer medium to avoid the energy loss caused by the heat exchange of the refrigerant. You bring unprecedented work efficiency. Greatly increase the heat transfer efficiency. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3.2 times that of steel, the weight is only 1/3 of steel, and it will not rust. After repeated tests, it can save energy by more than 30% than traditional charcoal machine; and the fruit does not require external cooling media such as salt fire, the charcoal process is pollution-free, and the conditions for the fire to reach the drinking fire are high. Difficulties that the large-scale charcoal block machine cannot be eaten. The main components of the direct-cooling lump charcoal machine: compressor: select Bitzer, Hanbell, Lai Fukang and other good brand compressors according to the model and output; Condenser: fire-cooled condenser, or adopt evaporative condenser; evaporation Evaporator: The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy, and the evaporator takes fire directly to exchange heat, thereby reducing energy consumption; Expansion valve: Danfoss brand; How to choose a poor direct-cooling lump charcoal machine? There are many manufacturers of direct-cooling lump charcoal machines on the market, with different standards. It really makes many people fascinated by it. Some suggestions are given here for reference. 1. Charcoal block selection: The size of the charcoal block is the same as the charcoal block sold locally. 2. Machine settings: firstly set up compressors, condensers, refrigeration accessories, and electronic control components. Usually, the cost of well-known brand accessories is a little higher, but hundreds of thousands of settings and equipment should not be saved. Chaos is the last word. 3. Evaporator: The aluminum plate evaporator is usually produced by the manufacturer itself, the production process, heat preservation, ups and downs, and structure, as long as you know more about it, you can choose the freehand one. 4. Function: Set up the function package of the equipment, set the automatic fire level of the equipment, because most brands of direct cooling block charcoal machines at present are much more external and manual. If this is active, it must be worse. One point, the humanization of the control system and the ease of manipulation, can we have a deep understanding of it. 5. Field investigation: Dao is not used. There are hundreds of thousands of equipment and furnishings. In reality, it is especially necessary to take a look at the Bingquan manufacturer. It is better to do poorly than to do poorly, and to look at the poor as to use the difference, knowing it intentionally, you will definitely choose the product of your own freehand.
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