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How to choose a good direct cooling block ice machine?

As a new type of ice making equipment, the direct cooling block ice machine has many advantages and has been loved by customers. However, there are many direct cooling block industrial ice maker manufacturers in the market with different standards, which really dazzles everyone. Suggestions for direct cooling block industrial ice maker configuration selection: 1. Ice cube selection: It is recommended to choose the same size as the ice cubes sold locally. 2. Machine configuration: Mainly equipped with compressors, condensers, refrigeration accessories, electric control originals. Although the prices of well-known brand accessories are generally higher, but hundreds of thousands of equipment should not be saved or not, easy to use, stability is hard reason. 3. Evaporator: The aluminum plate evaporator is generally produced by the manufacturer. The production process, heat preservation, lifting system, and structure can only be selected after understanding more. 4. Performance: The performance package of the equipment, the degree of automation of the equipment, because most of the direct cooling block ice machines of most brands are actually manual in many places, so the automatic one must be better. The control system is humanized and easy to operate. Everyone can learn more. 5. Field inspection: It is said that it is useless, hundreds of thousands of equipment, it is very necessary to actually go to the manufacturer to have a look. It is better to say it well than to do it well. If you look at it well, it is better to use it. If you understand it carefully, you will definitely choose the product you are satisfied with.
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