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How to choose a block ice machine, the difference and advantages and disadvantages of a direct cooling block ice machine and a salt water block ice machine

The ice cubes produced by the block ice machine have the advantages of large size, hard and not easy to melt, small contact area with the outside world, easy to handle, easy to store, etc., especially suitable for ice factory ice retail, seawater fishing, cold chain transportation, Supermarket retail. 1. How to choose a block ice machine? 1. The direct cooling block ice machine uses aluminum plate as the evaporator, and the water in the aluminum plate evaporator freezes into ice through the direct heat exchange between refrigerant and water. Automatic hot fluorine deicing system, direct cooling block ice can be fully automated. 2. The salt water block ice machine is an indirect ice making method, using salt water as the heat exchange medium. The temperature of the brine drops, so that the water in the ice bucket freezes into ice. The ice removal method requires driving the ice bucket to be lifted and placed in the ice melting pool. The ice cubes can only be poured out after the surface of the ice cubes has melted. Professional manual operation is required. 3. The direct cooling block ice machine is non-polluting, and there is no need to consider the environmental impact assessment. The salt water of the brine block ice machine will pollute the land and water sources. Environmental assessment issues need to be considered, and the operation is complicated. The ice spring refrigerator manufacturer recommends the direct cooling block ice machine. 2. Advantages of the direct cooling block ice machine 1. Save operating costs. The salt water block industrial ice maker needs to be replaced with salt water regularly, and the ice mold is easily corroded by long-term salt water soaking. Therefore, the direct cooling block ice machine has lower operating costs. 2. Save labor cost. The direct cooling block industrial ice maker has no aerial crane, so it does not require special operation by humans. From adding water to discharging ice, it is automated, so one person can operate the entire set of equipment! 3. It saves more space, and the direct-cooled block ice machine does not need to be aerial cranes or salt water pools. There is no need for a large area of u200bu200bfactory space. 4. The ice cubes are clean and hygienic. The direct cooling ice cubes directly make ice without touching salt water. Therefore, the direct cooling block ice machine compares with the salt water block ice machine. The ice factory brings a broader market. 5 Power saving, the principle of the direct cooling block ice machine is that the refrigerant directly exchanges heat with the water in the mold, and directly absorbs the heat of the water in the mold. Compared with the traditional salt water block ice machine, the medium of salt water is not needed! Therefore, the direct cooling ice block machine is more energy-efficient than salt water. 6. The installation and transportation are more convenient. The direct cooling block ice machine does not need to build salt water tanks, install aerial cranes and other auxiliary equipment, and the installation period is short and the construction is simple.
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