How to build the most profitable ice factory

by:CBFI     2021-11-15
How to build the most profitable ice factory
How to build the most profitable ice factory Summary: If you want to be the most profitable ice factory, you must first control the cost of ice making equipment, ice making costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, and most importantly The local ice price cost.

The most common ice-making factories are tube ice factory, block ice factory, flake ice factory, plate ice factory and crushed ice and ice bottle factory. For the selection of an ice plant, many factors need to be considered, such as investment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, water supply and preference for ice types. Ice manufacturers must design and manufacture ice cubes that can meet the needs of the local market with existing equipment. Whether it is a new ice factory or an old ice factory, only by controlling lower costs will it be competitive in the local ice market . Whether in the choice of machinery and equipment or participating in local ice competition, investors consider the total production cost including operating costs and the rate of return on invested capital. Low-cost ice-making factories have high operating costs, leading to increased ice-making costs and reduced competitiveness, which leads to high long-term risks and long return on investment. Ice factories with high initial equipment investment costs generally have a high degree of automation and low labor costs. , The energy saving efficiency of equipment is also high, so that the operating cost is relatively low and the risk is small. Therefore, Shenzhen Bingquan is fully aware of the importance of understanding the needs of ice manufacturers and eliminating projects, and can better plan projects for investors and help investors implement projects. Our usual practice is to make a budget of capital and operating costs based on the investor's requirements, and then make a technical or economic analysis based on the investor's expected budget. Practice has proved that this is a very effective and cost-effective analysis for our customers. The analysis not only helps us to make a good investment budget and price estimation for our customers, but also is of great benefit to the selection of ice-making plants. Because the ice production conditions in each place, such as electricity, water, capital and labor costs, are critical to the design of ice plant specifications. Shenzhen Bingquan only builds the most profitable ice factory for you.
In order to help investors who want to invest in an ice factory to better choose and design their most profitable ice factory, Shenzhen Bingquan recommends that you collect as much as possible the conditions and cost budget for preparing an ice factory. The following is an analysis by the editor (Shenzhen Bingquan) on the factors that must be considered in the design of an ice factory, and I hope it will be helpful to you.
1. How many tons of ice maker's daily production capacity is needed (the output of ice maker manufacturers is calculated based on 24 hours), this is estimated based on your local market demand.
2. How large is the design storage capacity of the ice storage (the ice from the ice making mechanism needs to be stored in a cold storage), mainly depends on your local ice selling habits, the general design storage capacity of the ice storage is the production capacity of the cbfi ice machine 2~3 times of that.
3. Uses and sales channels of ice cubes.
4. The type of ice you like, if it is a block of ice, consider the size of the ice and the weight of each block.
5. Local climate conditions: the highest ambient temperature, humidity and fluctuations (choose cooling type).
6. Local labor cost.
7. The initial temperature, pressure and purity of the water used for ice making
8. The cost of water source (if not for food, you can consider using river water and groundwater).
9. The cost of a modified box delivery truck with a cooling device (for ice delivery).
10. Power information: voltage, frequency, electrical phase, maximum installed power and maximum allowable range of starting current, whether there is a stepped power price.
11. Details of the cost of electrical equipment and the off-peak conversion rate of power usage.
12. The physical conditions of the proposed plant site and the details of the restrictions on the plan.
13. The testing details of the site soil.
14. Details about the additional conditions for gratuitous subsidies or soft loans and gratuitous subsidies that are beneficial to the capital and operating costs of the factory.
15. Capital (interest) cost.
16. The maintenance and after-sales cost of the direct cooling block ice machine is relatively low.
17. Direct cbfi ice machine, 30% less electricity than salt water ice maker.
The advantages of direct ice maker over traditional salt water cbfi ice machine:
Energy saving, low electricity consumption, high efficiency; fast ice production, ice can be produced at any time, salt water ice needs to be refrigerated first.
Long service life, ice mold will never rust, no need for second input;
Easy to operate, just by one person;
Environmental protection, sanitation, stainless, no salt water, edible;
With a small area, it can be directly made into a containerized block ice machine, which is convenient for transportation, and ice can be produced directly when there is water and electricity.
   There are many ways to build an ordinary ice factory, but building an ice factory that is most suitable for the local market and has a more competitive ice factory is not a simple matter. Shenzhen Bingquan’s mission is to provide investors with a variety of large and small ice factory solutions suppliers, so that the ice factory investors can make a set of the most cost-effective and most profitable ice factory with the least money. Goals that are constantly being pursued.
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