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How the ice cube maker works


Ice cube maker: It consists of several vertical ice making tubes made of stainless steel. Refrigerant flows inside the tube, and water flows from top to bottom outside the tube. When the liquid is supplied in the tube for cooling, the water sprayed outside the tube freezes into ice and adheres to the tube wall. After the ice is frozen, heat the inside of the tube to de-icing, so that the shell and tube ice will fall out of the tube automatically. When the shell and tube ice falls, it will be broken by the ice crushing knife below. After the ice is out of the ice-making tube, the ice will be stopped and the liquid supply and water supply will be resumed to make ice again. . The thickness of the shell ice is generally 6-12mm. The large-area drain pan design prevents water from dripping at the bottom of the evaporator. The photoelectric switch is directly installed at the bottom of the evaporator. It does not need to be installed in the ice storage. It supplies liquid directly and evaporates dry. The control is simple, safe and reliable. Integrated, modular equipment, on-site installation Easy to maintain.

The working principle of the ice cube machine: high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas enters the shell side of the condenser from the air inlet above the condenser, and the cooling water pump pumps the cooling water out of the water storage tank of the cooling tower , Enter the tube side of the condenser through the water inlet on the lower right side of the condenser, exchange heat with the refrigerant outside the copper tube of the condenser, and the temperature will rise, and come out from the water outlet on the upper right side of the condenser, after passing through the water outlet pipe , Enter the water inlet pipe of the cooling tower, and then evenly sprinkle on the filler from the outlet of the sprinkler pipe, and exchange heat with the water in the filler through the fan suction, so that the water temperature is reduced, and the cooled water is stored in the water storage tank , To be reused. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling water flowing in the tube side in the shell side of the condenser, reduces the temperature and condenses into a liquid. The exhaust heat of the refrigeration unit first exchanges heat with water, and then the water exchanges heat with air.

Application of ice cube maker: It should be placed in a place with good air circulation and a safe and clean surrounding. It is not suitable to be placed in the open air, and not to be exposed to direct sunlight and rain. The surrounding area should not be close to the heat source. The operating environment of the machine cannot be lower than 5°C and not higher than 38°C. There should be enough space around the machine, especially the rear side should not be less than 250mm. So that the machine can dissipate heat. Please adjust the anchor bolts at the bottom of the machine to ensure that the machine is placed horizontally and stably. When the thickness of the ice cube reaches the set thickness, the ice plate probe starts to start, the solenoid valve starts to work, the water pump stops working, the hot air enters the evaporator, and the ice cube falls in about 1.5 minutes. When the ice cube is falling, turn the falling ice baffle over and open the magnetic reed switch. When the reed switch is closed again, the machine enters the ice making process again.

The characteristics of the ice cube machine: the water in the sump is transported to the spray tube on the top of the evaporative condenser, and it is sprayed to the outer surface of the condenser tube through the nozzle to form a thin water film. Part of the water in the film absorbs heat and evaporates into water vapor, and the rest falls into the sump and the water supply pump is recycled. The axial flow fan forces the air to be sucked from the bottom and the lower part of the side wall through the coil, and the filler and saturated hot and humid air are discharged into the surrounding atmosphere. Part of the water droplets entrained by the hot and humid air are intercepted by the water trap, effectively controlling the dispersion of the water droplets. The water vapor in the atmosphere is replenished by the float valve control in the system.

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