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How much is a square meter for cold storage installation?

How much is a square meter for cold storage installation?   How much is the cold storage installation cost per square meter is really hard to answer. Because the installation of cold storage is not only calculated according to the unit area, the installation of cold storage needs to be determined according to the design of the cold storage. The unit cost of cold storage installation in different areas is different. The general rule is that the larger the cold storage area, the lower the cost per square area.   How much cold storage is installed per square meter is also related to the size of the compartments of the cold storage. The increase in compartments of the cold storage will result in an increase in insulation materials, cold storage doors, cold storage equipment, pipes, etc. The cold storage of the same volume will have a greater impact on the cost of the cold storage due to the difference in the number of cold storage compartments.  Detailed steps for cold storage installation:   1. All copper pipes of the cold storage unit's copper pipe discharge should be separately worn with insulation pipes and the wires in the same direction should be wrapped together with air-conditioning ties. Try to straighten the pipelines and fix them in sections. 2. In the cold storage installation process, in addition to the air conditioning cable ties, the cable should be protected by a cable trough. The temperature display wire should be tied to the wire as much as possible. 3. The installation location of the cold storage unit is as close as possible to the evaporator, which is convenient for maintenance and has good heat dissipation. If the canopy is installed outside, the four corners of the cold storage unit need security shock-proof gaskets, and the installation level is firm and not easy to be touched by people. 4. The connection of the refrigeration system constructed by the cold storage unit is pressure-sealed in the factory for the condenser and evaporator of the cold storage unit. Therefore, when opening, there should be pressure and it can be checked for leakage. The factory copper pipe should have dust sealing measures at both ends, construction Also pay attention to sealing at any time to prevent dust from entering the pipe, condenser→cold storage host→evaporator, copper pipe connection is welded, and the interface is firm and beautiful.
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