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How much ice production is suitable for the laboratory ice maker?

The working principle of the laboratory ice maker is that the water automatically enters a water storage tank through the water inlet valve, and pumps the water to the shunt pipe through the water pump. The shunt pipe then evenly flows the water into the evaporator after being cooled by the low-temperature liquid ice maker. When the water is cooled to the freezing point, the water is turned into solid ice cubes by the low-temperature environment. The water that has not been frozen by the evaporator flows into the water storage tank again, and the circulation is restarted through the water pump, but the laboratory cbfi ice machine should What size is suitable? During the ice making process of the laboratory ice maker, if the ice is taken at the same time, a large ice storage capacity is required at the time of purchase. For a 50 kg ice maker, the normal ice storage capacity is 15 kg If there are more people taking ice at the same time, the ice capacity is not enough. At this time, it is necessary to increase the ice storage capacity or change to a new ice maker. The time for laboratory operators to fetch ice is not at the same time, and the ice storage capacity can be conventional. Such as the IMS-20 type laboratory ice maker, the ice production capacity is 10kg/24h, the ice storage capacity is less than 0.8kg, the water consumption is less than 0.8L/h, and the total amount is 32kg.

Ice making operation process:

1: Before starting the machine, check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage capacity is reasonable (the water level has been adjusted to the correct level when the machine leaves the factory, and the user does not need to adjust it).

2: Plug in the power and the ice maker starts to work. First, the water pump starts to run (the pump has a short-time air discharge process). After about 2 minutes, the compressor starts to start and the machine enters the ice making state.

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