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How much ice can be produced by different commercial snowflake ice machines in a day

After normal operation, the commercial snowflake ice machine undergoes suction, compression, exhaust, condensation, and throttling in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10℃ to -18℃. The surface is condensed into an ice layer, and the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness. After the refrigerant evaporation temperature reaches the temperature-controlled setting temperature, the defrost solenoid valve uses a heat pump to de-ice, and then the next ice-making work, but our commercial snowflake How much ice can the ice maker produce in a day is normal? According to the relevant data of our equipment, the IM-20 model pellet ice maker has an ice capacity of 20kg/24h, and the IM-120 model pellet ice maker has an ice output of 120KG/24h. Snowflake IMS- 20. The ice making capacity is 20kg/24h, and the Snow IMS-1000 model, the ice making capacity is 1000kg/24h. From this we can conclude that the larger the ice maker model, the larger the ice making capacity will be. However, if it is a different ice maker manufacturer, the amount of ice made by the snowflake ice maker is also slightly different. Product advantages of commercial ice machines: 1: The ice cubes have high hardness, the freezing point can reach -20℃, the cooling speed is fast, and the ice cubes are crystal clear. 2: The computer control system used in the ice making process can prompt the protective shutdown function for ice full, water shortage, and over-cooling protection. 3: The unique water tank float type water inlet system ensures that there is no residual water and saves water and electricity. 4: Low noise, reliable and stable operation of the equipment. Related reading: Snowflake ice machine maintenance strategy is easy to 'long life'
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