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How much does it cost to invest in an ice factory, and what is the profit from selling ice?

1. If you invest in an ice factory with a daily output of 20 tons to sell ice cubes, the main costs of the ice factory are as follows: 1. One direct cooling block ice machine, with a daily output of 20 tons block ice machine, the general guide price of industrial ice maker manufacturers is 500,000 -600000. 2. One cold storage, a cold storage with ice storage of about 10 cubic meters and a guide price of 30,000 to 50,000. 3. One ice crusher, with a guide price of about 5,000 yuan. 4. Rent. 100,000-200,000/year 5. Water and electricity costs 1,200 yuan/day, 450,000 yuan a year 6. Labor costs, 50,000 yuan a year, and a total annual cost of about 1.2 million yuan. 2. If the annual profit of an ice-making plant is 25 kilograms of ice, a 20-ton block ice machine can produce 800 ice a day, the retail price of each block is 10 yuan. 0.8 million a day, about 3 million a year. The profit in the first year was about 1.5 million. Whether an ice factory makes money or not depends on the local demand for ice. Like seafood markets, supermarkets, vegetable markets, chemical plants, etc., ice is needed in many places. Bingquan refrigerator manufacturer, produces customized direct cooling block ice machines with a daily output of 1 ton to 100 ton. Bingquan Refrigeration has many years of experience in building ice factories and can help customers design ice factories. Our company can provide design, production, transportation, installation, operation guidance and other services.
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