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How much does it cost to invest in an ice factory

How much does it cost to invest in an ice factory Summary: It is actually a very good new investment project to open an ice factory to sell ice according to market demand, but how much does it cost to open an ice factory is indeed for each ice maker The first question that factory investors want to ask. In fact, the main investment cost of opening an ice factory is mainly determined by the following factors: the type of ice maker, the output of the ice maker, the brand of the ice maker, the construction cost of the ice storage, and the foundation construction cost of the ice maker. In addition, other factors must be considered to determine whether it is appropriate to open a new ice factory. Below, Shenzhen Bingquan will give you a reference.

Types of ice-making machines in ice-making plants: Generally, there are large block ice machines, flake ice machines, tube ice machines, edible granular ice machines, etc. However, the ice factories mentioned in the market are generally ice factories with large ice cubes. The large ice cubes produced by the block ice machine can be used in various places. The large ice cubes can be crushed into granules or powder or used as a whole block.
Determination of the output of the ice maker in the ice maker: Generally, it is determined by the vacant capacity of the local market. Each customer should choose the output of the ice maker as far as possible in accordance with the market demand. (It is recommended that if the market capacity is not large, it is not recommended to do it with a maximum of 3 tons a day, unless you have it every day). Generally, the cost of a block ice machine for a ton of ice is about 20,000 per ton.
The choice of cbfi ice machine brand for ice maker: Generally, the price of ice maker of the same type and model of each manufacturer will be different, because the accessories, materials and workmanship selected by each manufacturer are different, so the brand price is also There are differences, but generally the difference is not very large, generally between plus or minus 10% to 15%. Shenzhen Bingquan has many years of rich experience in production, installation and maintenance in the construction of various ice-making plants, and it is cost-effective. It is the first choice for customers' ice-making machine suppliers.
Construction cost of ice storage in ice factory: Generally, the cost of ice storage is also calculated according to the area of u200bu200bthe storage body, generally about 1,200 yuan per square meter.
The basic construction cost of the ice factory: this is not easy to estimate for the general editor. If it is the ice making equipment of our direct cooling block ice machine, the ice can be produced on site only by providing the site water and electricity, except for the rent. , Generally not too expensive.
Can I invest in an ice factory, and how much does it cost to open an ice factory, and how long it will take to make a profit? The main question is whether there is demand for ice in the local market, how big it is, and how much profit is there , That's the key. Because as far as ice factories are concerned, as long as they can sell ice, they basically have money to make. The problem of making more and less, this has to be priced according to local market demand.
Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional manufacturer of various ice-making plants; our company has many years of experience in the design and construction of complete sets of ice-making plants. Shenzhen Bingquan technical service team can provide you with a professional construction plan for an ice factory, and provide you with comprehensive pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services.
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