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How much does a small ice factory cost, what equipment is needed, and site selection skills for building an ice factory

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have an increasing demand for high-protein foods such as aquatic products, seafood, and meat. Food preservation requires ice storage, which has become an indispensable resource for preservation. The construction of an ice factory has the characteristics of low investment, fast return, low site requirements, and low labor costs. How much does it cost to build an ice factory and what equipment is needed? 1. If you build an ice factory with a daily output of 5 tons to sell ice cubes, the main equipment and costs of the ice factory are as follows: 1. One direct cooling block ice machine, with a daily output of 5 tons block Tube Ice Machine, the general guide price of ice machine manufacturers is 150,000-200,000. 2. A cold storage, and a cold storage with ice storage of about 6 cubic meters, and a guide price of 20,000 to 40,000. 3. One ice crusher with a guide price of about 4,000 yuan. 4. Rent. 50,000-80,000/year 5. Water and electricity costs 300 yuan/day, 100,000 yuan a year. 6. Labor cost, 40,000 yuan a year. The total annual cost is about 350,000 yuan. Second, ice factory site selection skills 1. The ice factory is very regional. Before building an ice factory, it is necessary to check the demand for ice and whether there is an ice factory nearby to avoid disgusting competition. 2. The ice-making plant should choose a place where there is sufficient water source and cheap electricity to save costs. 3. The site selection should be far away from residential areas to avoid disturbing the people. 4. The location should be convenient and convenient for transportation, such as a place where cold chain vehicles must pass.
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