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How many output ice machines the laboratory chooses according to the number of people

The laboratory ice machine generally uses the Bingquan Snowflake ice machine, but should the laboratory use an ice machine that produces more ice?

Number of Laboratory

Ice production

1-5 people

30kg to 40kg/24H

5-10 people

50kg to 70kg/24H

10 to 20 people

90kg to 120kg/24H

More than 20 people

200kg to 300kg/24H

Shared by multiple laboratories

500 kg/24H or more

Note: If the sample is relatively large, the amount of ice may be increased. For specific conditions, please contact the person in charge of the manufacturer and ask the person in charge of the manufacturer to recommend a reasonable ice machine based on the laboratory conditions.

Two, the choice of the ice storage capacity of the laboratory cbfi ice machine

1. If the laboratory personnel take ice at the same time, the ice storage capacity must be larger.

For example, if a 50 kg machine is purchased and the ice storage capacity is 15 kg, if there are more people taking ice at the same time, it is definitely not enough. It may be necessary to increase the ice storage capacity, or the model of the cbfi ice machine.

2. If the laboratory personnel take ice at different times, then the ice storage capacity selection will become a routine.

For example, if you purchase a 50kg machine, the ice storage capacity is 15kg. If the ice is not taken at the same time, then there is no problem.
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