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How long the lyophilizer can work continuously

How long is the freeze-drying machine can work continuously? In fact, the lyophilizer can last cycle work! Just after lyophilization, each batch of material needs, after the frost is allowed to enter the next batch of freeze-drying production, this cycle to work.

in recent years, with the development of freeze-drying technology and food processing industrialization, with the accelerating pace of life, people put more and less time on cooking. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the change of consumption idea, people tend to be more green, the pursuit of food, nutrition, convenience. Recently, convenience food has some problems, such as varieties of convenience food structure is not comprehensive; Meat food is Fried, puffing more, and Chinese dishes class convenience food market is small, production technology is not perfect, etc. And the rise of the freeze-drying technology can well satisfy people demand for green, convenient, nutrition.

freeze-dried technology is will frozen water supplies into solid, under the condition of low temperature low pressure using the sublimation of water performance, low temperature dehydration and drying of material of the new type of drying means. Because of freeze-drying technology under the environment of low temperature, low oxygen, most of the biological response, and the process is no liquid water, water in solid state sublimate directly, make the material of the original structure and shape to get maximum protection, finally obtain the appearance and inner quality of both high quality dry products.

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