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How does the ice machine manufacturer describe how the ice machine works?

The ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that produces ice after the water is cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through the evaporator. It has a low operating cost and is easy to install and use without other supporting equipment. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, and scientific research. Such occasions as well as supermarkets, food preservation, fisheries and cold storage, medical applications, chemical, food processing and other industries. The working principle of ice making of the ice maker: (1) The chilled water pump of the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate or compartment evaporator; (2) After the compressor is running, it is sucked-compressed-discharged- Condensation (liquefaction)-throttling-and then in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 ℃ to -18 ℃ evaporation heat absorption. Chilled water continuously condenses into an ice layer on the surface of the evaporator at a lower temperature at a water temperature of 0°C. When the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness, after the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant reaches the temperature-controlled setting temperature, the defrost solenoid valve is turned on, and the deicing is usually performed in the form of a heat pump, and then the next cycle is realized. Keywords: cbfi ice machine, snowflake ice maker, snowflake ice maker price, snowflake ice maker
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