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how do i clean a kenmore ice maker?

Kenmore produces a wide range of household appliances sold through Sears brand stores.
They have several refrigerators, many of which have ice machine.
The Kenmore ice machine, like all other household appliances, must be cleaned.
Cleaning the ice maker includes removing excess ice and cleaning all surfaces to remove the smell.
While the CBFI ice makerdoesn\'t need to be cleaned as frequently as the refrigerator, you should clean the ice whenever it smells or tastes unusual.
Open the freezer door, lift it up on the cover of the ice maker, and find the small silver metal rod attached to it.
Push the metal stick up until it is locked in place.
Look for the ice maker power button, which is located on the frozen wall or below the top door opening.
Switch it to a closed position indicated by \"O.
Grab both sides of the Kenmore ice machine bin and take it out directly from the refrigerator.
Take the bathtub to the sink in the kitchen and dump all the ice.
Fill the other side of the sink with 3/4 of warm water and add 2 to 3 teaspoons. of dish soap.
Wash the whole inside and outside the trash bin with cloth.
Rinse the ice bucket with clear water and dry it thoroughly with a towel.
Rinse the cloth with warm soapy water and squeeze out to remove most of the moisture.
Wipe the entire ice machine with a cloth to remove any food stains, smells and excess moisture.
Insert the ice bin back into the bottom of the ice maker.
Grab the metal stick and gently pull it down until it drops back along the side of the ice maker.
Switch the power button of the Kenmore ice machine back to the on position, indicated by \"I.
Close the freezing door.
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