How cold water machine the evaporating pressure control

by:CBFI     2020-10-12
Cold water machine the evaporating pressure control, the outside conditions or load change, expansion valve for fluid volume change will cause the evaporation pressure fluctuations, for the following reasons, the need to control the evaporation pressure.

from guarantee the cooling temperature of the liquid temperature, cold, consider evaporator in refrigeration equipment control precision on the cooling object, is the cold source, cooling temperature of the object to be maintained in the technical requirements specified value, will need to have a constant evaporation temperature, evaporation pressure fluctuation is too big, not only affect the cooling temperature control precision of the object, and equipment operation stability. Cold water machine the evaporator, the evaporator temperature too low, will result in the cold water ice, frozen break the pipe, in addition to used in the design of a compressor with a number of different temperature of the evaporator refrigeration process system, because of the compressor are only likely to inspiratory pressure gas, must also by evaporation pressure control, make each evaporator in their design work under the specified temperature.

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