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How cold water machine double WenShuang control and high precision control

Usually a cold water machine only on one device or many sets of the same power equipment for cooling, if the need for two different cooling water temperature refrigeration equipment or parts, then need two cold water machine, the high cost. Using the existing technology on the mechanism of cold water cooling system for further improvement, by adding in high temperature hot water tank and water tank, can play at the same time for two different equipment or components of the cooling water temperature for cooling, no two chillers, save the cost effectively.

double WenShuang control high precision cold water machine, including refrigeration equipment, refrigeration unit connection with cryogenic tank, cryogenic tank on one side of the corresponding connection with low temperature water cooling device, the other side of the cryogenic tank through heat exchange water tank connection with high temperature water tank, hot water tank connection with high temperature water cooling equipment.

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