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How can I track my plate ice machine?

With the advances of the Internet and the improvement of global logistics system, the logistics status of your plate ice machine can be tracked through different channels. After loading and shipping the products, the freight forwarder will give us a cargo waybill with a logistics tracking number, so as to let customers keep following your shipment's hour-to-hour progress. Or, we've got after-sales service employees. They are trained to provide customers with an active and considerate service including tracking the logistics status and informing customers of it.
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Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd is highly recommended by many customers for its high quality plate ice machine. The vegetable cold storage room series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The test of Icesource commercial ice machine includes several aspects. Such things as working blanks, components and raw materials will all be seriously measured. The product is provided with one-year warranty. The product is not likely to lose insulation performance. Its materials, especially the quality electric components, can withstand the maximum electric field intensity. It has been mainly exported over 150 countries and regions, like South America.
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