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How are materials used by Icesource for producing tube ice machine?

As is known to us that product quality begins with raw materials. Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd ensures that all raw materials are subjected to intense controls. We have established a lab enabling the sensitive check of the raw materials, whether they are the materials purchased from our reliable suppliers, or the materials which we produce ourselves. Equipped with the most modern apparatus and measuring procedures, the lab provides a highly sensitive monitoring possibility for all raw materials. Only when we use the best raw materials for our products can we manufacture the first-class tube ice machine. For this reason, the quality of all the components and parts used are extremely important. We guarantee that we only use the best quality raw materials.
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Icesource plays a key role in manufacturing direct cooling block ice machine. Icesource's main products include vegetable cold storage room series. Icesource ice machine has passed many teats. These tests are internal and external pressure resistance, mechanical strength, life cycle analysis, etc. The product can greatly save operation cost for customers. our company makes it easy for you to find ice machine that you can trust. The product is made of high-quality materials imported from the global brand.
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