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How about opening an ice factory to sell ice in a market?

Benefiting from my country's urbanization and consumption upgrades, the consumption of aquatic seafood, meat and poultry continues to increase. Fresh meat and poultry require a large amount of ice cubes to keep fresh. The ice cube market is in short supply. In summer, you need to make an appointment to buy ice cubes. The ice cube has the characteristics of large volume, low temperature, not easy to melt, and long holding time. The block ice packing machines is the first choice for investment in the construction of ice-making factories. Buying ice blocks can make considerable profits, and the market prospects are very objective. Ice cubes are needed in seafood markets, fisheries, supermarkets, farmers' markets, hotels, restaurants, and chemical plants. Ice-making factory 1. Fresh supermarkets keep fresh. Use an ice crusher to break the ice cubes. The ice table is covered with smoothies, which can be used to keep seafood, aquatic products, chicken, duck, and meat in the supermarket. 2. The farmer’s market. The summer farmer’s market is the main place where ice is used. The large and medium-sized farmer’s market uses about 5-10 tons of ice, and the small farmer’s market uses 1-5 tons of ice per day. 3. Fishery fishing, fishing boats go out to sea to fish, carrying ice can be used to keep seafood fresh, equipped with cold storage, can last a long time to go out to catch fish. 4. Cold chain transportation. In summer, aquatic products are transported with ice for a long time, which can keep aquatic fish fresh under low temperature, and high-end fruits and vegetables are transported with ice to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. Five, restaurants, hotels, hotel ice beer, restaurant food processing, meat and poultry preservation and refrigeration, etc., such as buffet restaurants need ice cubes to chill fresh dishes. Selling ice market application
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