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How about Bingquan ice making? Is the flake ice machine durable?

Bingquan Refrigeration is a strong domestic manufacturer of ice making equipment. Its sales of flake ice machines rank among the top five in my country, one of the top ten flake ice machine brands, and the most potential cbfi ice machine manufacturer in China. How is the quality of the ice spring flake ice machine? 1. Independent production and design of flake ice evaporator, which is designed and manufactured according to pressure vessel standards, which is sturdy, safe and reliable with zero leakage. Direct ice continuous formation at low temperature, low ice flake temperature and high efficiency. 2. The whole machine has passed the international CE and SGS certification, which is guaranteed. 3. Fully automatic control, unattended, for flake ice machine failures such as voltage lack of phase, overload, water shortage, full ice, low pressure and high pressure, etc., it will automatically stop and give an alarm to ensure the stable operation of ice making equipment. 4. Adopt first-line brand refrigeration accessories: German Bitzer, Danfoss Denmark, Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell compressor, Italy Lai Fukang and other well-known compressors, Danfoss solenoid valve, expansion valve, filter drier, American Emerson expansion Valves and other refrigeration accessories, flake ice machines are of reliable quality, low failure rate, and high ice making efficiency. 5. Factory direct sales, door-to-door installation, ice-making equipment warranty for 18 months, nationwide warranty and lifetime technical support. 6. The company has many years of experience in design and production, and accepts non-standard customization of different ice-making equipment. Customers can choose their own ice-making equipment for ice-making equipment materials, refrigeration accessories, and condensation methods. Shenzhen Bingquan Refrigeration System Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in Ru0026D, design, production and sales, engineering installation and after-sales service of ice machines. The company is people-oriented, engineering technicians enjoy 70% of the company's shares, and the basic structure of the technology shareholding company. Give full play to the enthusiasm of technicians and the company culture of everyone's participation to create a refrigeration team with craftsmanship and an after-sales team serving the country. The company is located in Shenzhen Meiao Industrial Park, covering an area of u200bu200b6,500 square meters. It has professional production equipment and advanced production technology. The factory has large-scale processing lathes, sheet metal welding, evaporator heat treatment, unit assembly and other workshops. The company attaches great importance to technical personnel and production technology, and has trained a group of senior welders who have obtained international welder certificates. The equipment is exported to Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The company independently designs and produces ice-making equipment such as 'Icesource' brand flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines, sea water marine ice machines, ice evaporators, and container ice making units. The daily ice output ranges from 300kg to 60 tons, which is suitable for industries such as supermarket chilled freshness, hotel catering, food processing, ocean fishing, chemical dyes, pharmaceuticals and medical treatment, and concrete coagulation. Efficient company operation mode, quality control management with everyone's participation, international first-line brand raw materials, Bingquan refrigeration equipment has been fully recognized by the market, and 260 dealers have been developed nationwide.
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