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Hotel ice machine is one of hotel kitchen equipment


  Hotel ice machine is one of the hotel kitchen equipment

  Hotel ice machine is one of the hotel kitchen equipment. At present, the market is flooded with a large number of ice machines of different brands and specifications, and the quality is very different. Great, the price difference is also great. How can we buy a high-quality product from many ice machines?

  First, choose according to your demand for ice particles. It tastes good when serving 7-8 cups of ice cubes. Knowing this condition, buyers can determine their demand for ice particles based on their turnover during the hottest weather.

  Second, the purpose of our purchase of ice machines is to use ice cubes, so we must choose brands with stable quality and guaranteed service.

   Third, when buying an ice machine, the unit of calculation is generally based on how many kilograms or pounds of ice is produced in 24 hours. This unit of measurement represents the production of ice at an ambient temperature of 10 degrees and a water temperature of 10 degrees. When it comes to summer, when the ambient temperature and water temperature are high, the ice production will be affected to varying degrees. When both the ambient temperature and the water temperature exceed 30 degrees, the ice output of most ice makers can only reach about two-thirds of the unit of measurement.

   Fourth, the choice of ice maker can also be based on the shape of the ice particles. Generally speaking, square ice is practical, round ice is beautiful, and moon-shaped ice melts quickly. Buyers can choose according to their needs. To choose an cbfi ice machine.

  Hotel ice machine is still a relatively new thing for most people. The understanding of ice machine is superficial. Mastering the above methods can help us solve the problem of purchase and ensure that we can purchase To a high-quality and assured product.

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