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Hot gas bypass energy regulation

When demand by lower the suction pressure, high-pressure hot gas bypass part of the compressor discharge to the low voltage side, used for compensating the evaporator due to load falling reduce back into the air. Minimum suction pressure necessary to keep the compressor run continuously, it can make suitable to the actual load and the power of the compressor evaporator, in evaporation load drop, heat from the high pressure measurement with a dummy load.

hot gas bypass capacity control of the system is the basic implementation of high and low voltage measurement on the by-pass pipe hot gas bypass valve installation, energy regulator is a kind of controlled by the valve after pressure ratio of gas in the regulator, he shall, in accordance with the suction pressure setting of the valve opening pressure is proportional to the deviation between the change of valve opening, adjust to low voltage side of high pressure gas bypass energy, 2 said its features, and 32 to give prize with bypass bypasses energy adjustment with no energy regulation set of job characteristics, 4 for the compressor energy curve, B for energy regulator curve, energy valve opens, is lost due to the compressor by-pass flow of refrigeration capacity, so the actual refrigerating capacity for - unit Q。

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