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Home ice machine will not work if you buy it, let me teach you!


Home ice making machines are still relatively common in our daily lives. The ice making capacity is large and the ice making time is short, which is very convenient.

   1. Look at the manual-understand the functions of each part-add water, when we are ready to use the home ice machine to make ice When block, we should first look at the product manual for a simple reading, and understand the functions of each part through the manual. Then you can add water. The way to add water depends on the specific cbfi ice machine. Generally, there are two situations where you can bring your own bucket or connect to an external water source.

  2. Find the control panel-the ice cubes are condensed-pour out the ice cubes. After we simply read the instructions and connect the water source correctly, we can start the ice making operation. First find the control panel and familiarize yourself with the function of each button and indicator. Usually the first indicator light shows the water filling situation. When the water is full, the indicator light will remind you to proceed to the next step. The second indicator light indicates full ice condition. When all of your ice cubes have condensed and formed, you can pour out the ice cubes into the next batch of ice cubes or enjoy the coolness of the ice.

   Summary: Here is a brief introduction to the knowledge of which home ice machine is good and how to use the home ice machine.

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