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Home ice machine improves food taste and taste

For lovers of cold drinks, in order to satisfy the taste of food, a household ice maker is necessary at home. The Bingquan household ice maker can quickly make ice, allowing your drinks and ice cubes to collide with a wonderful taste. Bingquan’s home cbfi ice machine adopts a computer control system, which is easy to operate, tap water automatically enters, and the ice making efficiency is relatively high. The ice produced is oval, beautiful in shape, and can be selected in two sizes. When the machine is full of ice or lack of water, it will automatically stop and will not wear the life of the cbfi ice machine. Our IM-15A desktop ice maker, the ice making capacity is about 15kg/24h, and the ice storage capacity is about 2kg. The equipment's water immersion ice making technology ensures uniform condensation and cooling, and reduces the output of defective ice cubes. It is for tasting ice drinks. A different experience. Cold brew coffee production sharing: 1: Grind, take 20g of coffee beans, grind finer, the ratio is controlled at 1:6. 2: Brew, steam for a while, 90 degrees vertical slow circle extraction coffee. 3: Chill, put 1/3 of the ice cubes in the Xueke cup, and then pour the extracted into the cup to drink. It is recommended that when using a household ice machine, it is best to clean it once a week to ensure the quality of the ice produced by the ice machine. This will provide fresh and sufficient ice cubes and improve the cool and refreshing taste of food.
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