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High temperature water chiller

At present in the evaporative cooling type high temperature water industrial ice machine adopt the structure of tube heat exchanger are mostly using tubular structure will be separated, primary air and secondary air inside an air into the heat exchange tube, through full heat exchange tube, again by the fan is introduced in the packing section for heat exchange; After the secondary air outside the tube heat exchange directly by the second fan into the atmosphere. By the way, need outside the box body opening tuyere, make the secondary air from the outdoor air, the way of the tubular heat exchanger after the precooling air couldn't be more reasonable to use.

if the inclined section tube type indirect evaporative cooler will present an evaporative chiller precooling after part of the primary air as secondary air tube type indirect evaporative cooler, the outdoor air precooling (2 Level 1 precooling in air cooler place) , is at the top of the tube type heat exchanger set packing again increase the spray water and wet air, the contact area of the configuration of this structure can greatly improve the spray water with an air of tube in heat efficiency, and make full use of the cold from the unit. Packing set above the second fan go after heat exchange heat, down to the bottom of the tube type heat exchanger set water tank is separated from water chiller water tank, can make the two different temperature influence each other.

the inclined section of the tubular indirect evaporative cooler temperature industrial ice machine, the unit to realize the control of the amount of the variable flow and cooling unit, also use their manufacture to secondary precooling of outdoor air, cooling capacity in high thermal efficiency.

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