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High temperature conductor refrigerants

HTS application and fusion, as early as 1989, when researchers in the United States to HTS application in commercial tokamak for performance ( Mainly stability) And the cost estimate. They point out that in its research work at liquid nitrogen temperature regions will be higher than low temperature superconducting energy through high temperature superconductor heating rate, without sacrificing stability, this will make the design of the cable to reduce a lot of stabilization measures, reduce the cost of large fusion magnet. In years, the MIT plasma science and fusion research center is carrying out the design of high temperature superconducting tokamak. At the end of 1999 L. Bromberg and M. Tekula waiting for use with long running in the high temperature superconductor tokamak magnet system optimization design, they also studied the fusion environment caused by the performance and life of the HTS restrictions, the United States of the work for tokamak magnet system provides a new way to design and build. The study now is not whether the high temperature superconductor used in tokamak fusion, but the best way to can seek a long-term operation. The application of high temperature superconductors in fusion mainly including high temperature superconducting current lead, ring ( TF) Magnet systems and poloidal field ( PF) The application of the magnet system.

in the modern mobile communication system, improve the communication base station receive sensitivity of the system is very important. Because in the 2000 MHZ band transmission and feeder loss more than 900 MHZ band. In addition, communication base station system must have a strong selectivity, such ability can guarantee within the spectrum of mobile communication system used by the operator, as far as possible close to arrange and not interfere with each other. For this reason, many of the superconducting companies and research institutions all use on the positive research for mobile communication base station of high temperature superconducting receiver front-end. A typical high temperature superconducting receiver front-end consists of high temperature superconducting thin film filter, low temperature and low noise amplifier and high reliability of refrigerants.

when the low noise amplifier working in the low temperature, it improved the indicators, the most prominent advantages is that it can greatly reduce the noise.
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