HFD series small freeze dryer system upgrade

by:CBFI     2020-10-18
In 2015, the successful development and production of domestic first small freeze drier TF - for in situ HFD - Finish TF - 1, and in early 2016 HFD - 4,TF - HFD - 6 model series. Utility model patent certificate has been obtained in the same year in December, 2016, at home and abroad and sold to many regions and countries.
in the domestic market more competitive freeze drier in 2019, upstream, with excellent product quality and good product strength, the brand has achieved a remarkable success since it was freezing dryer, continued decline in sales of similar products and the market growth is under the background of the overall decline, grow.
adhering to the spirit, and strive to make a perfect product, increasing spending on research and development constantly improve products and technology upgrading, constantly improve product strength, make brand rooted in the heart of Chinese customers. Today, has completed the TF - HFD - 4,TF - HFD - 6 system upgrade, let more humanization, simple operation, intelligent equipment.
small freeze drying machine upgrade system:
1, a key boot mode, automatic + manual, the convenient user use, lifting operation of red;
2, 2 dry mode selection function: vacuum model, application model, in accordance with the requirements of material properties, choose suitable drying mode;
3, vacuum protection function: prevent high vacuum degree, ensure the drying effect;
5, dry end remind function, data records, and see the freeze-drying curve, data export functions
6, one-click frost function
7, optional oil-free vacuum pump

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