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Heating type lyophilizer matters needing attention

Refrigeration equipment, can also have the heating equipment, such as heating the lyophilizer, lyophilization principle of it, and the heating principle, through the thermal properties of the refrigeration performance, you can understand.

refrigerant thermodynamic properties can be expressed as the relationship between thermal parameters, such as the relationship between the saturated vapor pressure and temperature, the thermal state parameter P, H, S, T, V, the relationship between, and specific heat c, adiabatic index k, velocity of sound, etc. These thermodynamic properties is inherent material, generally obtained by the experiment and thermodynamics differential equation, and then draw into thermal properties diagram, engineering calculation when the corresponding charts available pick up the required thermal parameter values, can also according to the mathematical model of industrial ice machine thermodynamic properties, using computer calculation. About refrigerant properties calculation and performance curve, there are a lot of software can be used directly.

in the compatibility of working temperature, different refrigerant refrigeration cycle characteristic is decided by their thermal properties.

refrigerants of saturated vapor pressure curve

single-component refrigerant temperature of saturated steam pressure is of single value function, with saturated vapor pressure curve can describe the relationship.

refrigerant under standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling temperature is called a standard temperature or boiling point. Habits according to the standard boiling point height, drop refrigerants are divided into high temperature refrigerants, refrigerant temperature, low temperature refrigerant in three. The standards of the industrial ice machine evaporation temperature can reflect its refrigeration temperature range, the lower the standard boiling point of refrigerant, can achieve lower refrigeration temperature. Due to a variety of similar material of saturated vapor pressure curve shape, in one of the same temperature, the standard high evaporation temperature of refrigerant pressure is low, while the standard of low evaporation temperature of refrigerant pressure is high, the high temperature working medium and substance belongs to low pressure, low temperature working medium and belongs to the high pressure working medium.

refrigerants of saturated steam pressure Temperature characteristic determines the pressure of the refrigeration cycle under given temperature and pressure ratio. This feature determines the corresponding requirement of compressor.

line heating the lyophilizer.
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