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Heat pump water chiller is introduced

Heat pump water chiller is known as the high and low temperature chiller, KFR chiller, heat pump water chiller can be in the summer to provide chilled water air conditioning system. And in the winter can provide air conditioning system air conditioning hot water, or directly to the indoor provide cold and hot air. Heat pump water chiller is generally used in units and small air cooled air conditioning units. Mainly through the increase in unit a four-way steering valve can change the flow of the industrial ice machine line, namely is used for the evaporator and condenser evaporator used for condenser.
the process of heat pump water chiller refrigeration loop: the unit in the summer is in a state of refrigeration, the refrigeration compressor exhaust outlet of high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerants through a four-way valve into the condensing heat exchanger. Condensation heat became high pressure liquid refrigerant, through one-way valve 1 into the liquid storage tank and the throttle valve becomes low pressure liquid industrial ice machine, through one-way valve 4 into the sleeve type evaporator heat evaporation become low pressure gas refrigerants, bullishness of liquid separator and four-way valve to the compressor suction mouth, complete refrigeration cycle,
heat pump chiller heating loop process: units are in a state of heating in winter, from the high temperature and high pressure of industrial ice machine compressor outlet through the four-way valve into the heat pipe heat exchanger condensation become high pressure liquid, and then enter the storage tank through a one-way valve 2, after the throttle become low pressure liquid refrigerant, the check valve to the finned heat exchanger (3 In the process of cooling condenser) Evaporation heat become low pressure gas refrigerants, by gas liquid separator and four-way valve to the compressor suction and complete the heating cycle. Connected to the pipe heat exchanger in and out of the water, is the air conditioning freezing water in the summer, winter for air conditioning hot water.

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