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Guide to actual combat strategy for ice machine purchase

purchase practical strategy guide    With the increase in demand for the refrigeration industry in the domestic market, the popularity of ice machines in the country continues to rise, but problems also follow. Because large supermarkets and meat processing have a large demand for crushed ice, the domestic ice making industry is in short supply.   Many people want to buy an Tube Ice Machine, but they don’t know how to buy it. Although under the salesman’s salesman’s words, I feel that there is not much difference in the performance of the ice machine, but the price of the ice machine is very different, which makes the customer even more confused about how to choose the ice machine.  As a customer, you might choose to buy a cheaper ice machine. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because buying an Tube Ice Machine can't just look at the price, but also the brand, service, and configuration. Because these points we said are very important for the later purchase of ice machines. Generally, cheap ice machines use low-quality accessories. In the later use, they are actually prone to failures. The quality of after-sales service will not be mentioned for the time being. However, performance alone cannot be guaranteed. After the consumption, it has even exceeded the cost of buying high-priced ice machines at the time, but customers can only spend money to buy lessons for themselves. Advise everyone that you must consider comprehensively when buying an ice machine, and don't be greedy for cheap.  Some brands have moved on this, because the large amount of demand has caused the energy consumption to be very obvious, so some unscrupulous merchants in the refrigeration industry take barrels of ice offal for secondary processing. Because of the crushed ice used in the sale of fresh food, it is processed into crushed ice for the second time. Merchants not only save energy, but also reduce personal costs. The price sold is also relatively low, which makes the quality of crushed ice products let People can't flatter me. If such problems are not stopped in time, it is easy to affect the development of this industry and even pose a threat to some brands. Remind customers who need crushed ice, do not covet the cheap price, inferior products are too harmful.
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