Gold scented tea freeze dryer

by:CBFI     2020-09-28
The scented tea freeze-drying machine, also known as gold scented tea lyophilizer, belongs to a kind of vacuum freeze drying equipment. According to the specifications and size can be divided into small gold scented tea freeze drying machine, large gold scented tea freeze dryer.

gold scented tea freeze drying machine working principle is: using the sublimation of physics principle, in the vacuum of sub-zero temperatures make the moisture content inside in gold tea sublimation, freeze-dried gold scented tea is obtained. Freeze-dried gold scented tea preserved the original color, flavor nutrition ingredient and the appearance of the original flowers, keep better nutrition, taste delicious. Taste is not the general drying, drying, than the dry can. Compared with the traditional drying gold scented tea: by adopting the technology of drying, the temperature is too high, easy to undermine its nourishment composition, make its loss of nutrients. According to modern pharmacological studies have demonstrated that golden flower camellia and leaves contain more of germanium and selenium. Use gold scented tea after lyophilization freeze drying machine, can effectively retain its effective components.

freeze drying machine:
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