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Go all out, the mission must be reached!

Go all out, the mission must be reached!


On August 11, 2021, Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. held a company management reform oath meeting.

The purpose of this conference is to convey the spirit of change, promote the meaning of management change, unify the thoughts of management change for all staff, enhance the morale of management change, and promote the smooth progress of management change.

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Present at the conference were Mr. Yang Hongbo, CEO of Bingquan, Mr. Lu Yuelei, general manager, teachers from Guangdong Oubo Enterprise Management Research Institute and all Bingquan employees.

Mr. Yang Hongbo, CEO of Bingquan, gave a speech for the conference first.

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In his speech, Mr. Yang explained Bingquan’s current business situation and difficulties, emphasized the necessity and importance of management change, as well as the determination and skills necessary for management change, and gave everyone the methods and methods to perform management change actions. The confidence to complete the task of managing change.

Mr. Yang pointed out that Bingquan is facing new development opportunities, and management reform is an opportunity. We must seize this opportunity firmly. Scientific management and active changes will make Bingquan a more competitive enterprise. I believe that the changed Bingquan will radiate new vitality!

Subsequently, Mr. Yang issued a power of attorney for Ober's refrigeration project team in Bingquan.


Then, Mr. Wang, the head of Ober's Bingquan refrigeration project team in Guangzhou, explained the concept, ideas, goals and steps of the management change, so that all employees have an understanding of the management change project and how the management change is implemented on the ground. How to cooperate to complete this important strategic plan of the enterprise.

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Afterwards, Mr. Zhao from the Ober Institute of Management gave a speech. Teacher Zhao emphasized that change and change mean change; reformation means deny and change bad habits. Today's change is an important strategy for the company's corporate development. In his speech, Mr. Zhao encouraged everyone to think in one heart, and work hard to achieve the goal of management reform!

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In order to cooperate and promote the smooth progress of management reform, Bingquan Refrigeration established a management reform team. The personnel administration manager read out the appointment letter one by one, and the general manager of Bingquan, Mr. Lu Yuelei, came onto the stage and issued the letter of appointment.


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Only with united will, the spirit of pursuing excellence, and strong and effective execution can achieve the mission. In order to rigorously manage and arouse employees' morale and determination, the heads of each department led the team to commit to the change goals on the spot, and submitted the "Management Change Commitment" to Mr. Yang.

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Finally, all Bingquan employees stood up and took the oath. Every one of us at Bingquan has been prepared, not forgetting the original aspiration, and forging ahead, is bound to achieve good results in this change management!

New journey, new call for new responsibility! Opportunities always pass by those who hesitate, wait-and-see, and slack. Only by moving forward can companies win a brighter future!


This management change will comprehensively improve Bingquan’s delivery system, product system, etc., and bring better products and products to our customers with more efficient production efficiency, better product quality, and shorter delivery cycles. Service, practice Bingquan’s corporate values of "achieve customers and create value".

For all Bingquan employees, the opportunity lies in their own hands, and the benefits belong to everyone. Only by keeping pace with the enterprise and sharing the same destiny, can we achieve more eye-catching performance if we fight this battle of enterprise management reform.

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all Bingquan employees and the guidance of Teacher Ober, Bingquan Refrigeration's management reform will be a complete success!