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Gas-liquid separator

Gas-liquid separator is the sharing of throttle and silks refrigerant liquid industrial ice machine gas liquid share equipment, used for gravity to hydraulic system.

separator inlet into the separator, due to the decrease of the air velocity and the change of airflow direction, isolated droplets in the air and accumulate at the bottom of the container, through the vessel wall absorbing heat environment and gasification, and away from the export of compressor. Air compressor maintenance. When intercepting height over the holes on the compressor exhaust tube, due to their high tube air velocity, so the pressure is smaller than the outside, the liquid or liquid on the surface of the oil will be in the under the action of pressure difference, through the small hole jet atomization back to compressor suction mouth.

it is the role of a store separation of liquid refrigerant, prevent the compressor wet stroke, and prevent liquid from entering the compressor crankcase oil will be diluted; 2 it is to return to send enough lubricating oil back to the compressor, ensure the oil in the crankcase is normal; Three is the coil within the gas-liquid separator can be used as gas-liquid exchanger and makes refrigeration system as well.

for example in the cascade system in the operation of the lyophilizer, due to the second stage during the dry cold trap the required cold quantity is far less than the first stage of drying, the excess amount so there will be a cold, cold trap coil outlet superheat is very small, even in the sublimation drying stage, in order to make full use of capture water vapor condensation area. Cold trap coil exports have also made very small overheating, so back to the air entrainment in the evaporation of droplet, if direct access to the compressor, may produce liquid impact and damage the compressor. So set on the suction pipe gas liquid separator.

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