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Fully automatic low-temperature brine refrigeration unit

Automatic low-temperature brine refrigeration unit is a kind of screw refrigerating machine, instead of good model of the piston type refrigerating units, because the machine has compact structure, low energy consumption, convenient operation has become the user's preferred, but in the process of mechanical, manufacturing, assembly, and some of the parts, also can appear omissions and defects.
1, problem lies. Oil was later found to cooling effect is reduced, checked freon is reduced.
  2. 2. 2 kw motor due to gravity and vibration feed pipe gradually form the fatigue damage of metal.

1 second, cause analysis. This 57 * 4 ¢into tubing length is 1. One of 5 meters, diameter Ф 200 * 500 an oil filter, produces in the process of running vibration, so damaged the filling valve.
  2. Equipment management personnel not carefully check for this machine.
  3. The operator didn't cause enough attention to the problems.
  4. After a careful examination revealed: beside the fuel nozzle valve unit in a crack, caused by the vibration phenomenon of leak unit.
3, repair the steps as follows
1. Stop the operation of the brine in low temperature freezer.
  2. Cheng fang put net, the internal lubricating oil of the machine in 2000 l blue barrel.
  3. The industrial ice machine R22 recycling within the system into the cylinder.
  4. After the above steps we'll use J422 electrode for welding seam.
  5. At room temperature after cooling add refrigerant R22 and added into the lubricating oil,

4, operation results in the drive to use after a week still appear in the welds take oil phenomenon.
analysis reasons, find the problem and check carefully from the technology, analyses the main reason is:
1. This 57 * 4 ¢into tubing length is 1. One of 5 meters, diameter Ф 200 * 500 an oil filter, and the lower part of the oil filter is not fixed, produces in the process of running vibration, so damaged the filling valve.
  2. The material of the filling valve is alloy steel parts, and we regard it as the carbon steel welding workers to welding.
  3. Not in accordance with the repair welding in the process of welding procedures for the leaks V groove, belong to no penetration.
  4. Didn't remove the moisture in the electrode, the electrode drying effectively.
  5. According to the parent metal should choose J422 electrode base, with J507 welding rod with paving.
the reason found after we press the replacement parking scheme to the system, and make the welding process methods:
1. Will leak out of the use manual grinding wheel grinding into a 'V' groove.
  2. J422 and J507 welding rod through drying box through a temperature of 150 ℃, the time for 1 hour and the electrodes drying.
  3. With argon arc welding machine for welding. A packed bed: current slightly bigger, USES the crescent and zigzag method, to the groove on both sides, after the welding should be 1 - lower than the bevel edge 1. Five ﹌. B, cover surface: current appropriate smaller. Molten pool oval, clear bright, size and shape has always been consistent. Joint, closed after the arc to molten bath a little bit before arcing, rapidly changing electrode, around 10 ﹌ above the crater arc to arc pit after 2/3 fill arc crater, then normal welding.
  4. At the bottom of the oil filter, with 10 mm steel plate welded into the support plate.
  5. 1 after the repair of the tubing. 2 mpa pressure test, after 2 hours, no leakage of pressure keeping.

five, the running results after the above measures are taken so far no similar problems, both to ensure the normal production and for the enterprise's economic efficiency and safety production made a positive contribution.

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