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Frozen instrument can reach - Tian Feng programmed rate 180℃

Is a professional program-controlled rate of frozen instrument manufacturers, the current rate we programmed freezing instrument lowest temperature can reach - 180 ℃, the instrument adopts the microcomputer control technology and special software that can accurately control the liquid nitrogen volume, thus ensuring the cryopreserved biological products to suitable for freezing rate and cooling frozen. The instrument has simple operation, the man-machine interface. Main technical index being is

models: TF - PA- III

range of temperature control: 40 ℃ ~ - 180℃.

temperature accuracy: error & lt; 0. 5 ℃

the cooling speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 50 ℃ / points within the scope of the optional

heating speed: 0. 1 ℃ / min ~ 30 ℃ / min range of optional

instrument structure being fostered: the instrument is composed of the following four parts ( Standard configuration) :

microcomputer system: a built-in refrigeration control card, as long as the software will be run when frozen. 。

cooler: inside and outside the whole stainless steel structure. Frozen capacity machine is not less than 200 * 200 * 200 mm. Can accommodate 160 or bags eight freeze pipe.

liquid nitrogen tank and liquid nitrogen pressurizer: liquid nitrogen pressurizer is installed on the 30 lisheng liquid nitrogen tank, the tank from the pressurization, maintain stability of the pressure regulator.

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