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Frozen cells cryopreserved instrument, programmable rate meter principle

Cells cryopreserved rate of instrument we call program-controlled refrigeration apparatus, program temperature drop, embryo freezing apparatus. Is a high-performance, safe and reliable temperature adjustable speed rate of refrigeration equipment. Has been widely used in light industry, agriculture, medicine, basic biological research and other fields, used in lymphocytes, organization and library, bone marrow cells, stem cells, umbilical cord blood Banks, such as plant and animal cells cryopreserved.
programmed rate freeze instrument principle:

controllable thermal dynamics in order to maximize the viability of the cells, must be careful to control the temperature gradient descent. Ice crystal formation of the initial stage and condensation stage must be strictly controlled to ensure that form the best crystal grain size and shape. SPC rate of frozen instrument with perfect sealing ability and insulation, can realize the constant parameters of power and data management, can according to the real experience of the user to determine the optimal freezing curve and can provide a simple accurate repeatability. Through the chamber and products within the moment of two probe to detect temperature and in accordance with the regulation of temperature gradient. Cooling state

the liquid in the liquid phase ( Reaching the crystallization point) , cooling speed must be able to regularly to avoid thermal shock affect the cell membrane. SPC rate freeze instrument here has proved its accuracy and flexibility: super insulation freezing chamber, controlled flow of nitrogen and fine temperature control To the lowest - 0. 1 ℃ per minute.

to liquid crystalline state
ice crystal formation stage, is characterized by the sudden rise in temperature, is the most critical step in the process of freezing. Control software will be through the strict control of cooling to adjust the freezing curve, and to foresee nucleation in a timely manner. SPC rate freeze instrument equipment therefore will give cell nuclear membrane provides maximum protection.

cooling to the stable state of ice crystals ( - 110℃)
in the key stage of ice crystal formation, in the environment and continue to happen heat exchange between cells. Shortest reduce the possibility of peak temperature and speed, unification of frozen, minimize the damage to the cell membrane, to ensure effective sperm is increased by 10% than conventional freezing method. Liquid nitrogen injection on special leaf collection, SPC ensure evaporating rate freeze meter turbine, and unified execution, high-performance mixed, ensure the relatively low temperature, it is an important factor in the whole stage.

stable stage ( From - 110 ℃)
from the biggest security, program-controlled rate freeze instrument before the tube is removed, it is cool to - first 140℃。 During operation the cover tube with the SPC rate of frozen instrument embedded micro switch equipment to ensure that the timely and automatically reduce the temperature to the level of need. A new type of refrigeration cycle, fast thin tube once uninstalled, reheating and will be pneumatic drying process. Due to the efficient work efficiency and strong heating components ( Up to 2500 w) SPC rate freeze instrument, 20 minutes will be ready to start a new refrigeration.

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