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from cold rooms to insulated buildings

The founders of the company are constantly improving their products for Benny Choy Kian Seng, 64, and Lim Lai Huat, 60, who know the importance of constant innovation.
Both of them, general manager and deputy general manager of Cycleworld Corporation Sdn Bhd, are always looking for other ways to use the products they produce.
Cycleworld produces insulated panels that are used as prefabricated materials for the construction of a cold room.
By providing a separate cold room, the company is ensuring regular projects of RM100 000 to RM900 000 value per project.
But Choy and Lim believe that these panels can also have other applications, and in 1998 they explored its application in roof buildings.
\"We went to Taiwan and it was a trend to see these insulating plates used on the roof.
We then put about RM2mil into the machine to produce it on a large scale, \"Choy said.
For Choy and Lim, companies have to invest to grow.
Whether this investment will produce immediate results is another concern.
Of course, Cycleworld\'s new application has been strongly resisted by contractors and architects who like traditional roof tiles.
To prove this, the two used the roof panel in their own cold room project.
At the end of the day, their customers saw that these panels did help to heat the building and nodded to them.
They then studied replacing larger buildings with panels, such as walls of houses.
They came out at 2013.
Mature industrial construction system (IBS)
Components that can be used to build houses.
The new panels shorten the construction time, accounting for only 10% of the ordinary concrete used in the building.
This is also easy to transport and reduces construction costs.
Cycleworld has expanded its portfolio from cold rooms to building houses for plantation workers, military camps and even schools.
Choy said the decision to enter the section of irritable bowel syndrome is correct.
The department\'s contribution to the group\'s revenue is about 10% and is expected to be up to 40% in the coming year as they are negotiating to provide their irritable bowel syndrome components to overseas developers.
As of March 2017, the group had revenues of about 40 million yuan.
\"We are not limited to the local market.
\"In 2015, we provided these panels for the development of high-rise buildings in Australia for interior partitions and exterior wall coatings,\" Choy revealed . \".
They avoid being in the Red Sea by constantly looking for new opportunities and innovations \".
In fact, Choy says their business is based on understanding the needs of customers first.
At the end of the process, prices will rise.
\"When we finish a project, we have the customer check it and they will find that we build it as per the spec and there is nothing less than that.
As we have done so many cold room projects of different sizes, these represent themselves and the client continues to recommend us to their friends.
\"We are known for not cutting corners,\" Choy said . \".
Choy may not have a business degree, but he knows the importance of being a niche that some clients value and can only get from him.
When he started working at his father\'s refrigerator and air conditioning repair company at the age of 16, he observed this, \"air conditioning repair is very common after 80 s.
But refrigeration maintenance specialists are not common, so I pay special attention to understanding how the whole refrigeration system works and how to fix them, \"Choy said.
From doing copper welding to installing the compressor, Choy did all the details while learning from his father.
He also finally learned that only so many air conditioners and refrigerators can be repaired.
However, he saw that there was a demand for a cold room due to the manufacturer\'s request for perishable goods from the cold room, but there were not many people who provided this service.
\"The equipment to keep the cold room is completely different from the air conditioner, but similar to the refrigeration.
When a customer calls, we must be able to respond quickly because perishable goods can deteriorate without a cold room. \"Choy said.
He added that this is a huge loss of funds.
Using his knowledge in refrigeration, he purchased components such as insulation boards, compressors, condenser, evaporator and other piping and wiring materials, and started bidding for cold room construction projects in 1979.
At 1986, Choy managed to grow his father\'s business from about RMB per year to RMB 4.
But Choy found it sometimes difficult to find the source of the panel.
\"There were only about four manufacturers at the time and there were delays from time to time,\" he said . \".
This prompted Choy to consider making panels by himself.
In 1986, a practical partner met with his current partner, Lim, who was working with a manufacturer that provided panels for Choy.
Lim has been in the industry since leaving school in grade six.
Over the years, the two of them were close, and when Choy decided to become a manufacturer in 1990, he popped his ideas out of Lim.
\"When I heard Choy\'s idea, I knew we were able to do it because I had years of experience in making these products,\" Lim said . \".
A business partnership established in heaven;
Choy has expertise in refrigeration and Lim has experience in manufacturing structural insulation plates.
In 1993, they set up Cycleworld in a 10,000-square-foot factory rented by Basheng, with 20 workers.
They invested in machinery and raw materials.
\"We already have more than 2 million RMB projects to do before we set up the company,\" Choy said . \".
A year after entering the business, they found that the telecom department had a new demand for its structural insulation board.
\"It was a popular year for mobile phones and telecom companies needed insulated cabins to store telecom equipment,\" Choy said . \".
Choy learned that the contractor will build such a cottage with the usual brick wall and air-conditioned the cottage.
However, the insulation capacity of the brick wall is low, and many telecom equipment with copper materials undergo oxidation due to the humidity that permeates the wall.
\"Then we provide our products.
The insulation panel prevents the humidity outside and we also have a happy customer! Said Choy loudly.
The business was good, and in 1996 they invested about 20 million yuan to build their current factory in Kapar, Basheng.
After the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis in 1997, many large and small companies were in trouble.
For someone who has been in the blue ocean, they now find themselves swimming in the red ocean.
The market has become sensitive to pricing and the value of contracts has shrunk.
\"We were lucky that we had ongoing projects at the time, but we needed to look for new projects with only smaller job opportunities,\" said Choy . \".
Before the financial crisis, they had customers from big companies, from telecom service providers to large frozen food manufacturers, with a contract value of RMB yuan.
But in 1997 they had to work in the cold rooms of smaller frozen food manufacturers and restaurants.
\"While the crisis lasted only three years, we didn\'t start restarting large projects until 2008,\" Choy said . \".
But no one is waiting, Choy and Lim venture into new markets in 2007 to grow their business in the context of an economic recovery.
Fortunately, their efforts have secured a $500,000 cold room construction project in Vietnam.
Today, they have customers in 16 countries, including Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, with a total of 130 employees, and the company is currently in a stable position, because they develop in the right way-innovation to meet the expectations of customers.
As Choy said, \"We are known for not cutting corners.
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