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Fresh food,fruits and vegetables management method

Fresh food,fruits and vegetables management method


Fresh food,fruits and vegetables management method

Refrigerated maintenance of fruits and vegetables

1.Temperature regulation. After entering the warehouse, the method of gradual cooling should be adopted, because there is still a certain amount of heat in the commodities after the fruits and vegetables are picked, the commodities are liable to produce diseases and fail to achieve the purpose of quality preservation.

After entering the warehouse, fruits and vegetables will continue to develop and mature for three external reason:

A.Temperature: High temperature will accelerate the maturity and senility of commodities. If stored in appropriate temperature, it can slow down the maturity, reduce the material consumption to the minimum level, and extend the storage time.

B.Oxygen: The oxygen content in the air is 21%. Appropriate reduction of oxygen content will inhibit the maturation or aging of commodities.

C.Carbon dioxide: Appropriately increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in warehouse can also inhibit commodity maturation and aging and prolong storage time.

2.Humidity regulation. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, but in the storage process, the water will gradually evaporate most fruits and vegetables dry consumption more than 5%, will appear wilt and other phenomena, freshness significantly decreased. Especially fruits, when  dry consumption exceeds 5% hind cannot restore original state. On the other hand, if the air humidity in the storage environment is too low, it will also accelerate the fresh fruit wither, reducing its value. Therefore, the storage of fruits and vegetables warehouse humidity regulation is very important. Generally should be mastered in 90% humidity is appropriate. High humidity makes fruits and vegetables perishable. 

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Fresh food management method

In order to control the quality of cooked food, cooked food, semi-finished products and raw materials should be stored separately to avoid contamination. Date the goods when they are put into the warehouse. First in, first out.

Processing should pay attention to whether the raw materials are expired, quality is qualified. Raw materials (unprocessed goods) in cold storage or frozen storage, with baskets, boxes, bags and other good sealing, to avoid the resulting erosion of freshness.

Semi-finished or finished products should be sealed with plastic wrap when refrigerated: when the refrigerated warehouse is operation, the refrigerated machine constantly pumps and converts the air into dry air as the temperature of the refrigerator decreases. If the stored goods are not sealed with plastic wrap, the goods are easy to be weathered and state.

In order to ensure the freshness of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials, all these goods into the market should be stored at low temperature should be put into cold storage of freezer as soon as possible, so as not to become state or deteriorated because of too long time.

Close the door behind you when entering the cold storage and freezer, so as not to affect the freshness of goods and increase energy consumption due to the rising temperature of the cold storage and freezer. The refrigerating temperature of cooked food(bread) is 0℃to 4℃ in common condition, and the freezing temperature is -18℃ in normal condition. Do a good job in cleaning (according to the cleaning schedule), reduce odor, rotten bacteria pollution.

Display cabinet temperature should be controlled within the specified range: the normal temperature of the cooked food display hot cabinet is 60℃, and the normal temperature of the refrigerator is 0℃ to 5℃. Don’t overstock (expect for promotional items), try to sell as many items as you can, and make your own items a few times.


Management personal to regular eat and taste the goods to ensure the quality,under normal circumstances 2 to 3 hours of inspection;sell out as much as possible each day to get rid of the Stale and keep it fresh.