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Freeze-drying mechanism working principle of the cooling system

Freeze-drying mechanism working principle of the cooling system can also be understood as freeze-dried compressor working principle of the lyophilizer equipment by the refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, such as four basic components, the freeze-dried compressor working principle is through the pipeline connections between these components, and form a closed system, refrigerant in the system constantly circulating, change state and heat exchange with compressed air and cooling medium.

refrigeration compressor low pressure in the evaporator ( Low temperature) Return refrigerant compressor cylinder, refrigerant vapor compressed, pressure, temperature rise at the same time; of high temperature high pressure steam pressure to the condenser, the condenser, higher temperature of the industrial ice machine vapor heat exchange with a relatively low temperature of the cooling water or air, the quantity of heat of refrigerant was taken away by water or air cooling down, refrigerant vapor into liquid. This part of the liquid to be transported to the expansion valve, after expansion valve throttle became low temperature low pressure liquid into the evaporator; Low temperature and low pressure in the evaporator refrigerant liquid absorption compressed air to heat and boil ( Commonly known as & other; Evaporation & throughout; ) , and compressed air cooling after setting out a large amount of liquid water; in the evaporator steam was sucking compressor, and industrial ice machine in the system after compression, condensation, throttle, evaporation such four process, thus completed a cycle.
in the freeze-drying mechanism of cold system, evaporator is conveying cold quantity of equipment, in which refrigerant absorbs heat of compressed air, achieve the goal of dehydration. Compressor is the heart, plays a suction, compression, the role of the refrigerant vapor. Condenser is exothermic equipment, will be absorbed in the evaporator heat along with heat input power compressor is passed to the cooling medium ( Such as water or air) Take away. Expansion valve/valve throttling depressurization effect to the refrigerant, at the same time control and adjust the number of flows into the evaporator refrigerant liquid, and the system is divided into the high side and low voltage side of two parts.

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